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New CD/ Amir Bresler「House of Arches」

Amir Bresler 『House of Arches 』

release : 【CD】 2022/5/11

Jazz drummer Amir Bresler, who has supported such important Israeli jazz musicians as Avishai Cohen, Omer Klein, and Nitai Hershkovitz, and is closely associated with the Battering Trio and Raw Tapes, has completed his long-awaited solo album.

The album features participation by key players in the scene, including his friends Rejoicer and Gilad Abro! The album is released on CD with bonus tracks and a Japan-only high-resolution MQA-compatible version!

Main participating musicians: keyboardist/producer : Rejoicer (Buttering Trio), singer : Yemen Blues frontman Ravid Kahalani, bassist : Gilad Abro, pianist : Nomok and trumpeter : Sefi Zislin


Amir Bresler has always been a part of the music of Israeli music scene which I have been interested in. The essence of this truly creative drummer is captured in this album. With his roots in jazz and Afrobeat, which he has been working on for many years, he conveys the diversity and depth of polyrhythmic music. Rejoice's production work, which emphasizes a live feel, is also excellent. (Produced by Masaaki Hara)

Artist : Amir Bresler

Title : House of Arches

Release Date : May 11, 2022    

Price : 2,400 yen + tax 

Label : rings / Rawtapes

Item number : RINC86

Format : CD(MQA-CD / bonus tracks included)

*What is MQA-CD?

MQA-CD is a CD that can be played on a normal CD player, but when played on MQA-format-compatible equipment, you can enjoy a sound closer to the original master-quality sound source.


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