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​イスラエル大使館 文化部

Culture has an extraordinary power of bringing people together. 

Culture and science diplomacy serve as one of the fundamental pillars constructing a solid ground for future generations for exchanging ideas, initiatives and celebrating diversity in hope of inspiring mutual growth and prosperity.

Interfaced with the Embassy’s mission of bridging between Israel and Japan, our vision at the culture and science affairs department, is to shape a significant present and a bright future between the two nations, by sharing the wonderful culture, events, scientific research and achievements as well as projects encouraging education, open dialogue, meaningful collaborations and more.  Thus creating a deeper understanding of the Israeli society.

Thanks to the support and effort of our partnerships from both countries, we are able to continue dreaming and igniting exciting new projects, aiming towards empowering unique ideas and connections. 

If you wish to hear more or pursue a new collaboration between Israel and Japan, please feel free to contact us at any time! 



Efrat Machikawa
Culture and Science Affairs Attache
Embassy of Israel in Tokyo, Japan 






Efrat Machikawa, Cultural and Science Affairs Attache retired on April 30, 2023.

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This website is based in Kumamoto CityJWPP (Japan Work Performance Project)Created by The company is an Israeli internet platform that is very popular internationally and has great features.""is collaborating with  

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people who have contributed to the creation of this site for their cooperation and high level of expertise. The website is also a testament to the uninterrupted international cultural activities and cooperation between the two countries, even under the difficult circumstances caused by COVID-19.

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