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The Israeli film industry has experienced significant growth since the 1950s. The first films produced and directed by Israelis tended to be "heroic," as was the literature of the time. Then later, they have seen a variety of themes deeply rooted in personal experience, such as Holocaust survivors and the next generation, the realities and hardships of immigration, and political and realistic themes such as the Middle East conflict or entertainment films that can be found anywhere in the world.

Thanks in part to the efforts of the Israel Film Fund, which has contributed significantly to the development of the Israeli film industry, Israeli films and filmmakers have gained international acclaim over the past two decades. It becomes often to be seen that European capital investing in projects by Israeli directors and producers, distributing them worldwide, and winning awards at major international film festivals. This is due to the constant challenge of Israeli filmmakers. They spark emotions, raise questions, and present new perspectives. There is no “Off-Limit” area in this field: political conflicts, ethical dilemmas, taboo subjects. We tackle sensitive issues head-on, without flinching, while carefully dealing with subtle nuances and contradictions. The quality of Israeli film industry is also supported by educational institutions that produce outstanding talent, such as the Sam Spiegel Film School, as well as by local cinematheques in each city that host international film festivals.





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