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Dancing in Israel!

For the people of Tel Aviv, dancing is woven into their daily lives, no matter their age or gender, going to see the show or dancing in the show.
Let me guide you through some places where you can dance for those who are eager to immerse yourself in the world of dance in Israel.

ーMichiru Shin (Dancer living in Tel Aviv)

Israel’s contemporary dance scene has earned recognition both at home and abroad. Dancers and artists from all over the world flock here for training and creative exploration. The recent launch of direct flights from Japan has been giving easier access to the country for people who want to come for workshops and auditions.

<Where can you dance?>

Movement language developed by Ohad Naharin of the Batsheva Dance Company, classes for the general public are held at Suzanne Dellal Centre two to three times a day, where people of all ages and genders sweat it out together. A two-week intensive course called ‘GagaLab’ is offered in Summer and Winter for dancers and dance students.

・Pro Mornings:
For professional dancers with experience, there are high-level morning classes in ballet, contemporary, pilates, and more at Suzanne Dellal Centre. Priced at 25 NIS (around 900 JPY), their schedule and teachers are decided by dancers' needs and opinions. It is an essential place for freelance artists to warm up before their rehearsals and exchange information.

Held every quarter, a 5-day intensive program is offered, featuring Gaga and repertoire. Dancers from around the world gather to learn from invited artists, often including those from LEV, Batsheva, Noa Zuk, Roy Assaf and more.

・Company Class:
Yasmeen Godder Dance Company hosts sporadic Tuesday morning classes. You might also find opportunities to join morning classes by other companies by inquiring directly.

Being barefoot in ballet class, voice expressions and contact.. expression, and exploration in the classes here boasts a freedom not often seen in Japan. Serving as both physical training and pure enjoyment. Visit Israel to discover new dances and immerse yourself in the joy of moving your body.


Q: Are there more studios offering Gaga lessons?
A: Gaga teachers are sent to various studios and schools of Israel so there are classes every day somewhere in the country. However, Suzanne Dellal stands out for its frequent classes. For an intensive Gaga experience, I recommend a membership there from the link above.

Q Do other companies besides Yasmeen Godder offer "company classes"?
A: Almost all the companies start their rehearsals with morning classes. Some are open to outsiders, so better contact directly.

Q: Can Japanese dancers jump in and join open classes and workshops at Suzanne Dellal Centre?
A: Yes, though pre-registration is needed for classes and workshops I mentioned above, I often see Japanese participants there. Also most of the time teachers are flexible to switch languages between Hebrew and English.

Q: Do professional choreographers hold classes at community centers, rental spaces, or festivals?
A: It’s best to check the Facebook or Instagram of choreographers for irregular events.

Q: How do accessibility in dance in Israel differ from Japan?
A: You can take a professional class every morning at an affordable price. There are so many dance festivals. Performances are happening almost every night somewhere in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Despite the higher cost of living in Israel, prices for classes and show tickets are often lower than in Japan. Also, Studio Naim and other dance studios offer numerous open classes, every day welcoming people of all ages, genders, students, or hobby seekers.

(Translation: Hisako Miyamori, Michiru Shin)


Michiru Shin

Michiru Shin

Born in Tokyo, Japan.
Graduated from the foundation in art at the University of Arts London and obtained a BA in visual communication from Brighton University, UK.
Since 2016, she has been based in Tel Aviv and has attended Hakvutza and Vertigo Dance Workshop.
As a freelance dance artist, she has been working with choreographers including Bosmat Nossan, Shiran Eliaserov, Lilach Pnina Livne, and Yasmeen Godder.
She is a certified practitioner of the Ilan Lev treatment method and movement method.

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