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Learn the world through Israeli artists -a new form of Japanese education

GLE Global Leadership Education is a program that goes beyond the boundaries of Japanese school education and invites overseas artists to run events, mainly by high school students. Collaboration with Israeli artists in particular is a great opportunity for high school students to learn about the world.

-Vera Hayashi
(Planning and operation of international exchange business)

I started an educational program in Japan eight years ago.
GLE is a hands-on educational program where high school students play a central role in inviting overseas artists to manage events as a place for global human resource development. Students have the experience of "thinking about what they can do and acting with all their might" toward the themes of "global" and "leadership."

High school students voluntarily create events such as attracting and promoting 1000 concerts held in various places, hosting in English, and giving speeches. We will consider how to involve the local community in order to successfully perform on stage with invited overseas artists. We will learn while taking on the challenge of "planning and action" that is accepted in society. In addition, from the perspective of the customers who come to the concert, we will learn the "heart of hospitality" on how to make them happy. I want people to experience how to get involved in society and connect with the world beyond the boundaries of school education when they are young.

Every year, we invite top-class overseas artists. Among them, the connection with Jewish artists, especially Israel, is important for GLE. We have created this GLE program with many Jewish artists regardless of the genre such as classical jazz.

Israel is necessary to know the "world"

In the GLE program, Japanese high school students and artists will work together to prepare for the event while communicating directly from the preparation stage. Regarding the selection of artists, it is more appropriate to have personality and communication skills rather than the perspective of a first-class performer, and we invite such artists.

At each workshop, students have time to interview artists about "art and peace."
We believe that hearing about Israel is necessary for our students to know the "world."
We discuss with students how to create a peaceful society in harmony and how art contributes to a peaceful society in the face of all issues such as history, religion, culture, and race.

There is something I definitely want Japanese high school students to hear about Israeli artists. It's a story about almost every Israeli youth in their twenties carrying a backpack, experiencing a world trip, and thinking about their own path. In Japan, the bad habit of not failing university entrance exams, not being a ronin, and the fact that becoming a ronin affects job hunting, persists. Japanese young people do not have time to stop and think. There are too few opportunities to see the world.

I recommend by saying, if you are to make a best friend for yourself in the world, choose a child from Israel.
I hope that the students will grow up to know the wonders of the Israelis, to become a strong business partner when they go out into society, and to be able to share the network power that extends overseas. Our activities will continue on dreaming a bridge connecting Japan, Israel and the world.

Vera Hayashi
GLE Global Leadership Education


Vera Hayashi

While running a company, her activities connect the world and Japan on daily basis. Her achievements include in cultural exchanges and event planning and management between Japan and Israel, Italy, and South Korea. She is a former Honorary Ambassador of Seoul, Korea and a private premium consultant of the Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea. She has also given many lectures at home and abroad.

She launched GLE in 2013 and has been supporting high school students such as Nagasaki Nanzan Junior and Senior High School, Shofujuku High School, and Kurashiki High School.

Global LeaderShip Education Planning Operation

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