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Street Art in Tel Aviv – Graffiti that Injects Energy into the City

Tel Aviv is the largest commercial city in Israel.
The powerful and captivating street art gives visitors a sense of vibrancy.

ー Eliya Tsuchida, Creator and Expert on Israeli Wine

The city boasts a blend of old and new architecture, with its Bauhaus-style buildings being a World Heritage Site. It is an exciting city with the feel of growing energy. Despite the constant traffic congestion caused by subway construction and redevelopment, the people are warm and welcoming, especially at the local markets known as Shuks in the back allies.

When wandering around the city, you are bound to come across numerous graffiti on the walls, which have become a ubiquitous part of Israel.

I started taking pictures of graffiti in Tel Aviv about seven years ago. What fascinates me about graffiti is the thrill of discovering the same artwork at different locations. However, since graffiti is often ephemeral, disappearing or being overdrawn by other artists, it is a fleeting and rare form of art.

Let me introduce you to some of the graffiti artists in Tel Aviv from 2017 to 2019

This renowned artist has gained international recognition and receives requests to produce artwork from all over the world. His signature motif is a black-and-white band-aid, which you may have seen on a massive drawing in Tel Aviv. Dede also enjoys drawing animals with two heads.

Nitzan Mintz:
A partner of Dede, Nitzan's style is message graffiti, known as Writer. Her poems, which are written in a poet-like style with narrow spacing between words and lines, are attention-grabbing and unique.

Known as the master of black, all of Pilpeled's works are black and white. His art is powerful and impeccable, reminiscent of Demon, one of the characters in Miyazaki's animation movie Princess Mononoke.

Monkey Rmg:
Daniel, also known as Monkey Rmg, continues to produce bizarre and explosive artwork. His precision with black and white and his penchant for grossness make him one of the hottest artists in Tel Aviv.

Adi Sened:
Adi is the creator of kufsonim, a character inspired by the Hebrew word kufsa (box). A friend of mine from art college in Jerusalem, Adi has been drawing this character since his student days. You can spot these small and cute characters hiding everywhere in Tel Aviv.

Michal Rubin, also known as MR, is the artist behind the colorful animal drawings that you may come across. She shared with me her personal story and how painting on walls helped her emotionally after a breakup with a man she was dating. She recently got married and became a mother a few months ago.


Eliya Tsuchida

Graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts and Design in (Visual Communication). After returning to Japan, he worked for a Japanese game development company before returning to Israel and working for a motion game VR/AR development company, where he was involved in development using the latest technology. He also organizes exchange meetings between Japanese and Israelis living in Israel. He is well known in the Japanese community in Israel due to his long history of living in Israel, and is well versed in history and religion. She is also a contact person for media coverage from Japan to Israel. She is also active as an illustrator.

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