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Light in Babylon Japan Tour


Event Details

Light in Babylon Japan Tour 2023

The universal sound was created by three people from Israel, Turkey, and France.

The total number of YouTube views exceeds 30 million times,

<JAPAN Tour 2023>

14th SEP.(Fri.) Tokyo ※Show Case - under planning -

15th SEP.(Sat.) Tokyo | Kokubunji Izumi Hall

16th SEP.(Sun) Kanagawa | Ebina shi Bunka Kaikan

17th SEP.(Mon.) Saitama | Tokorozawa Civic Center

19th SEP.(Wed.) Shizuoka | Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments

20th SEP.(Thu.) Hiroshima | Hiroshima Nishi-ku Culture Center

22nd SEP.(Sat.) Sinmane | Yasugi Sogo Culture Hall

23rd SEP.(Sun) Hyogo | Itami Aiphnic Hall

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Harmony Fields co.,LTD

17-11, Kitaguchi-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo 663-8035 JAPAN

TEL. +81-798-55-9833


Founded in 2010.

In 2009 Michal and Julien met and formed a duo.

In 2010, they met Santur player Metehan and formed Light in Babylon.

Started a street live performance on Istiklal Street in Istanbul, Turkey. From the beginning, there was a large crowd. Coincidentally, that scene (the song of “Israel”) was uploaded to the video-sharing site YouTube and played in an instant (currently, the video has been played more than 20 million times). 

Since then, they have had the opportunity to perform at various festivals and venues and are currently active mainly in Europe.

<Name of the band>

Many of the people walking down Istiklal Street are walking in a hurry and looking down.

Light in Babylon wanted them to listen to their music. They wanted to play something that touches people’s heartstrings. Such thoughts are included in their group name."Babylon" generally means an ancient city that existed in the Mesopotamian region. Still, in the case of this group name, the term "Babylon System", which is often used in reggae music, is also meant.

The "Babylon System" is the name of a system that forces you to look in only one direction.

When you mix a system (Babylon) that creates Light with all kinds of art, music, and diversity, people start looking in different directions. In other words, wouldn't people listen to their music as well?

They have the thought of saying.

Another reason is the motif of the myth of the Tower of Babel.

The content of the myth refers to a time when cultures separated and people began to speak different languages. Each member is multicultural with different hometowns and languages, but it has this meaning that they are connected by a shared language called music.

<Sing songs in Hebrew>

The lyrics are mostly sung in Hebrew, the language of Michal's native Israel.

Even if they are overseas fans or listeners who cannot understand the language, they think it is essential to deliver with their own identity (words). In the latest work, they sing in Persian as a new attempt. In addition, English cover songs (Imagine/John Lennon) and Japanese cover songs are being prepared for the long-awaited Japan tour.

<Multinational Band>

Turkish and Persian are also interwoven in the latest work, further solidifying the consciousness as a "multinational band (cosmopolitan band)". Released four albums so far. The latest work was released in December 2022. They do not distribute music through so-called subscriptions and develop their theory that "music is something to buy." The total number of videos viewed on the official YouTube channel has exceeded 30 million. (Although not all) Some songs that MV released on YouTube are not included in the CD recordings. They are also conducting promotional activities with this stance, and their unique route that throws a new wave at the way music and marketing methods is also attracting attention.


Michal Kamal : Israeli (Iranian Israeli)

Singer, songwriter, composer, drummer, actress.

From the age of 9 she started playing musical instruments.

She studied piano, drums and oriental percussion.

She has also appeared in Turkish films and television.

She has performed her singing in various musical projects including large orchestras of

oriental classical music.

Metehan Ciftci : Turkish

Santur, guitarist, sansula player and composer.

Since he was a child he has played various musical instruments and has developed his

own style of playing, especially in santur, which has earned him a reputation.

He is also a music teacher and majored in philosophy as a student.

Julien Demarque : French

Guitarist, composer, oud player. He started playing the guitar at an early age.

Besides his musical activities, he is also an architectural engineer and a computer engineer

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