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Jerusalem Design Week


Event Details

Jerusalem Design Week

"DESIGNART Tokyo 2019" announces Israel as a Partner Country 

 "Jerusalem Design Week" will hold exhibitions in Tokyo (Spiral Aoyama and Ayumi Gallery)

Israel has been selected as the partner country for Japan's largest design and art festival "DESIGNART Tokyo 2019" to be held from October 18th (Friday) to October 27th (Sunday), 2019. As an exchange project of it, "Jerusalem Design Week" will be exhibited at Aoyama's Spiral Garden (Friday, October 18, 2019-Sunday, October 27, 2019) and Ayumi Gallery in Kagurazaka (Thursday, October 24, 2019). ) ~ Wednesday, September 30, 2020).

[Jerusalem Design Week @ DESIGNART TOKYO 2019]

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What is DESIGNART Tokyo?

Japanese largest design and art festival held every fall. With the concept of "Emotions ~Entrance to Deep Emotion~", interiors, art, fashion and food, etc. from all over the world will be gathered across genres. The entire city of Tokyo becomes a museum for 10 days, where you can enjoy walking around by coloring the city of Tokyo with art and hopping each exhibition. It is a special occasion where you can find and buy what you love. This year, it aims to have more than 100 venues and 200,000 visitors totally (120,000 in total / 2018).

What is Jerusalem Design Week?

"Jerusalem Design Week (JDW)" is most influential design event in Israel, led by the Ministry of Heritage of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Development Corporation. Since 2011, Ran Wolf has been leading it at the Hansen House Center under the management of his company.

Exhibition 1: Garden of Eden-Spiral Garden (Aoyama)

The "Eden Garden", which is set in Spiral Garden (Aoyama), is based on the tension created between nature, culture, technology, and mythology, the "salt" of the Dead Sea, and the "wheat" that symbolizes the agricultural revolution and modern life. It expresses the encounter between two myths related to Israeli resources. Life, death, and human activities are hidden in a secret garden that can only be imagined and never entered, just like the Garden of Eden.

This exhibition is designed by Natalia Sanz Laviña of YSLA architects in Tokyo and Takeshi Yamamura of Takeshi Yamamura Laboratory, Department of Architecture, Waseda University. Yamamura said, "This exhibition was designed so that viewers with different perspectives and knowledge can enjoy Israeli design."

On October 24th (Thursday), an event "Garden Party" (* invitation only) will be held at the Spiral Garden for related parties and the press. On the day of the event, various contents will be announced, such as a speech by Israeli Ambassador to Japan Yaffa Ben-Ali, a performance by a female singer representing Israel, DIKLA, and a poetry reading by Japanese actress Mayu Tsuruta.

Venue: Spiral Garden (〒 107-0062 Minami Aoyama, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062)

Exhibition Period: October 18, 2019 (Fri)-October 27 (Sun)

Opening hours: 11: 00-20: 00 ※ Free admission

Exhibit Designer:

Avi Ben Shushan, Amir Zobel & Itay Blumenthal, Bar Horowitz, Dov Ganchrow, Guy Mishaly and Nati Tunkelrot, Gal Sharir and Idan Sidi, Tamara Efrat, Moran Mizrahi and Dr. Amit Zoran, Talia Mukmel, Michal Evyatar and Carmel Bar, Muhammad Mahlwas, Shady Francis Majlaton, Michal levitzky

【Related Event Overview】

Event 1: Garden Party (invitation system event)

Time: October 24 (Thu) 19: 30-22: 30

Venue: Spiral Garden (〒 107-0062 Minami Aoyama 5-6-23)

Exhibition 2: Shapeless Jerusalem Library “LIBRARY OF INTANGIBLE JERUSALEM” ~ AYUMI GALLERY (Kagurazaka)

In the installation of the garden of AYUMI GALLERY (Kagurazaka), you can get a glimpse of Jerusalem from the fragments of sound, scent, and scenery. Starting from DESIGNART Tokyo 2019, this exhibition will continue for a year, so can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons and day and night.

What connects these two cities, Jerusalem and Tokyo, is a story told by the scent of soil, light, and plants that resonate in each place, and the "holy land" born under the tree is the "spirit of Jerusalem" that is not bound by shape. I am telling.

Venue: Ayumi Gallery (〒 162-0805, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 114)

Exhibition period: October 24, 2019 (Thu) to September 30, 2010 (Wed)

Ayumi Gallery Website:

[List of Jerusalem Design Week Related Body List]

Embassy of Israel:

Ambassador: H.E. Yaffa Ben Ari 

Cultural Attache & Artistic Direction: Arieh Rosen 

Related organizations:

General management: Ran Wolf, Urban planning and project management Ltd.

Ran Wolf, karine Shabtai and Chen Gazit, Hansen House-Center for Design, Media and Technology 

Production coordinator: Yael Hershcovitz

Artistic director: Anat Safran 

Chief curator: Tal Erez

Graphic Design: Anat Gutberg and Stas Tuchinsky

Project management / PR: SivanS Ltd. 

Strategy, Ideas, PR, marketing, and most important thing – passion, motivation and flexibility we suggest unique solutions as a total communication agency.

Space design: YSLA Yamamura Sanz Laviña Architects in collaboration with Takeshi Yamamura architecture lab., Waseda University, Tokyo

Curtain design by: Studio Onder de Linde


Jerusalem Design Week, Jerusalem and Heritage,

Jerusalem Development Authority, Sivans, Corporation,

YSLA YAMAMURA SANZLAVIñA Architects, Takeshi Yamamura Laboratory, Department of Architecture, Waseda University, STRATASYS LTD., NANOX IMAGING LTD., MABSUT,

Ayumi Gallery / Cave, Daiki Nakagawa,

Ran Wolf, Urban Planning and Project Management Ltd.,

Hansen House, Center for Design, Media and Technology,

The Municipality of Jerusalem, NetaFim, Nanox Imaging Ltd.

ICG Accelerate Limited, Shamaim


Aman Kyoto, Moiwa Resorts Operation GK, Matsumidori Brewery CO., LTD, Amana Design Co., Ltd.



BRIAN_SCOTT_PETERSON P-ODED Antman Yoann Clochon, and others

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