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“The day the Prime Minister was shot down” publication & talk event commemorating the author’s visit to Japan
Uzi Weil x Keiichiro Hirano


Event Details

<Event in Tokyo>

Featuring Uzi Weil, a contemporary Israeli author, a talk event is held to commemorate the publication of the Japanese translation book "The day the Prime Minister was shot down", which is a collection of selected short stories of him, who is regarded as one of the best storytellers in Israel. 

The talk guest is Keiichiro Hirano, who is gaining more and more attention for his film adaptations and international translations of "At the End of the Matinee" and "A Man." This is a valuable opportunity for artists representing both countries to talk face-to-face.

*During the event, Mr. Keiichiro Hirano will be speaking in Japanese, and Mr. Uzi Weil will be speaking in Hebrew and English. Please note that the interview is conducted through an interpreter.

<Date and time>

Saturday, November 26, 19:30-21:00


Junkudo Bookstore Ikebukuro main store

 4th floor cafe (doors open 30 minutes before the show starts)


Online Viewing: only 1650 yen

Book + viewing: 4290 yen

Admission for Live event : 2000 yen


Sponsored by: Embassy of Israel

<Book content>

Terrorism, war, military life, the Holocaust...

Depicts young people living in a harsh past and reality with humor and pathos.

A selection of short stories by one of Israel's leading storytellers, along with Etgar Keret.

<Book information>

The day the prime minister was shot / Uzi Weil

Publisher: Kawade Shobo Shinsha

ISBN: 9784309208688

Tax included: 3190 yen


Uzi Weil

Born in 1964 in a kibbutz, Israel, as a second-generation Holocaust survivor, he moved to Tel Aviv at the age of one. He is a writer, columnist, screenwriter and journalist. In 1991, he made his literary debut with “The Day the Prime Minister was shot down”, belonging to the same postmodern generation as E. Kellett and O. Castel-Bloom. Since 1990, he has been in charge of the satirical column 'Back Cover' of 'Ha Il' newspaper, and is attracting attention as a popular writer who candidly deals with taboo subjects. As a translator, he has translated the works of R. Carver, M. Strand, and others, and has also worked on many children's books and picture books. His long stories include "Five Dreams" and "The Man Who Erased the World", and his collections of short stories include "The Man Who Moved the Wailing Wall" and "Happiness". He lives in Tel Aviv.

Keiichiro Hirano

Keiichiro Hirano wrote has written more than 15 novels since his debut work “The Eclipse” for which he won the prestigious Akutagawa Prize at the record age of 23. His deeply psychological fiction deals with profound and universal themes like self-love, relationships and acceptance, and spans from short stories and historical novels to essays, love stories, and literary sci-fi. As a cultural envoy to Paris appointed by Japan’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs, he traveled all over Europe giving lectures and many of his books have been translated and are widely read in France, China, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, and Egypt. In his widely viewed TED talk, he discusses what it means to really love oneself, arguing that it’s not easy to holistically love ourselves without knowing all our “selves”, good and bad, but we can discover the “self” we like with the help of the person we love. Based on this theme, his novel “At the End of the Matinee” was a runaway bestseller in Japan and released as a movie in November 2019. “A MAN” is the first of his novels to be translated into English. His second title in English “At the End of the Matinee” was released in April 2021.

<Event in Kobe>

Commemorating the publication of Uzi Weil's "The Day the Prime Minister was shot down "

“Experience Israeli Literature Today” Lecture & Reading Evening (Japanese & Hebrew)

On November 17th (Thursday) from 18:00, a lecture and reading session will be held at iStage in Konan University's iCommons to commemorate the publication of the first Japanese translation of short stories by Israeli author Uzi Weil.

The lecture will be in English with a Japanese translation, and the reading will be in Hebrew and Japanese.  Kenjiro Otani, an actor and director, will do a dramatic reading.

Anyone can participate, not just students and faculty members of Konan University.

Date: 2022/11/17 (Thursday) 18:00-

Venue: iStage in icommons, Okamoto Campus, Konan University

More Information

Please use the application form below to apply for participation.

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On the day, we will also deliver online (no application required)

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