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Jerusalem Design Week (Kagurazaka venue)


Event Details

Jerusalem Design Week (Kagurazaka venue)

"Library of Intangible Jerusalem" ~ Ayumi Gallery (Kagurazaka)

 In the installation that appears in the garden of Ayumi Gallery in Kagurazaka, you can get a glimpse of Jerusalem from fragments of sound, fragrance, and scenery. Starting from DESIGNART Tokyo 2019, this exhibition will continue to change over the course of a year and can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons and day and night. What connects these two cities, Jerusalem and Tokyo, is a story told by the scent of soil, light, and plants that resonate in each place, and the "holy land" born under the tree is telling us the "spirit of Jerusalem" that is not bound by shape.

Venue: Ayumi Gallery (Yarai-chō 114, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

Exhibition period: October 24, 2019 (Thu) ~

Ayumi Gallery Website:

* From the QR code installed in the venue installation, you can enjoy the sound and landscape of Jerusalem's everyday life.

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