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Talk Event "Ika Cohen x Amana"


Event Details

Talk Event "Ika Cohen x Amana"

Israeli chocolatier Ika Cohen in Salon du Chocolat.

January 23, 2019 (Wed) to 29 (Tuesday)

Venue: Shinjuku NS Building Location = Event Hall (see Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building)

"IKA CHOCOLATE" landed in Japan for the first time! .. Israeli chocolatier Ika Cohen has been learning under various experts such as Michel Chaudan, led by Jean Charles Rochoux, and opened her own shop and boutique in Tel Aviv in 2011. She is passionate about creating unique and innovative chocolates that incorporate Middle Eastern elements such as olives and Dead Sea salt. Her talk event will be held from 16:45 on Jan. 24 (Thu). Please check the official website for how to apply.


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Ask a female chocolatier-The charm of "food" in Middle East Israel-

An up-and-coming artist from Israel who has won numerous chocolate awards and has decided to open her first store at Salon du Chocolat 2019, Japan's largest chocolate festival to be held in every January. 

Her talk event will be held in collaboration with Amana Design's "Omoshiro Future Research Institute" which aims to be a think tank of art and culture and "Cuisine Press (Ryori Tsushin)" renowned food culture magazine. MC BOO of "Omoshiro Future Research Institute" will be the host, including Ika who is passionate about making innovative chocolates, and Arieh Rosen, who is in charge of culture and science at the Israeli Embassy in Japan. We will welcome Sawako Kimijima, the chief editor of "Cuisine Press", to learn about "the essence of chocolate creation" and "food culture in the Middle East".

[Exchange party (with Ika's chocolate and original blended coffee) will be held! ]

After the talk event, we will hold an exchange meeting with the speakers. Along with Ika's chocolate,  a special coffee "IMA COFFEE ROASTER" by Ryota Nakagawa, who took inspiration from Ika’s chocolate will be served. There will also be a special souvenir gift from IKa, so please join us.

January 22, 2019 (Tuesday) 18: 00-20: 30

Venue: Amana Square

Organized by: H (Amana)

Planning: Certificate of Correspondence, Omosiro Future Institute (Amana Design)

Supported: Embassy of Israel


Ika Cohen (Chocolatier)

Arieh Rosen (Embassy of Embassy of Israel / Culture, Science)

Sawako Kimijima ("Cooking Communication" edit protagonist)

M. C. Boo (Amanana / Omosiro Future Research Institute)


Address: 〒 140-0002 Tokyo Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Higashi Shinagawa 2-2-43

TEL: 03-3740-4011 (representative)

Link :



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