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Israel Focus-TAAF (TOKYO Anime Award Festival) 2019


Event Details

Israel Focus-TAAF (TOKYO Anime Award Festival) 2019

The Tokyo Anime Award Festival aims to contribute to the discovery and development of new human resources and the promotion of animation culture and industry, with the slogan "Tokyo will become an animation hub", and is rich in high quality and originality all over the world. The work will be screened in Tokyo, interacting with people who love animation all over the world, providing stimulus and excitement to creators and spectators, and using that excitement and stimulus to send a new wave of animation from Tokyo to the world. To do. (From HP)

<TAAF2019 Invited Film / Israeli Film Special Screening>

In many countries around the world, animation is recognized not only as entertainment, but also as a culture. TAAF introduces such animations from all over the world.

This year, TAAF choses works that conveys the "now" of Israel. There are problems that you can sympathize with, such as the special circumstances of the country of Israel, bullying at school, and the disconnection of parents and children, as we do in Japan, and of course, there are beautiful, fun and interesting works as well. This is a program where you can feel the "now" of Israel. (From HP)

… In addition to the screening of the work, there is also a lecture by Israeli anime related person, Ms. Gilat Parag.

Date: March 11 (Mon) 14: 45-16: 15

Venue: New Literature Site (Toshima Ward Higashi Ikebukuro 1-43-5)


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