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Tokyo Filmex 2016


Event Details

Tokyo Filmex 2016

Special screening at Tokyo Filmex "Current Israeli Films" & Competition Participation

Tokyo Filmex is an International film festival, based in Tokyo, discovers and nurtures young talents mainly in Asia, and screens Japanese historical works, invite internationally active experts. This year, a special screening of Israeli films and, a talk event featuring Mr. Katriel SCHORY, Executive Director of the Israeli Film Fund will be held.

<Special screening "The Israeli cinema of the present day ">

「Beyond the Mountains and Hills」

Israel, Belgium and Germany / 2016 / 90 minutes / director: Eran Kolirin

Ifat was a daughter who had no prejudice against Arabs, but one night she refused the invitation of an Arab youth and went home. The next morning, the body of the young man was discovered ... At first glance, Eran Kolirin's ambitious work of "The Band's Visit" (2007), which depicts the contradictions that Israel has in the daily lives of a family living in good faith.


Israel / 2015 / 120 minutes / director: Avishai Sivan

Haim, a Jewish seminary student who fell into a coma. Miraculously regaining his consciousness, he loses interest in his theology and begins wandering around the city of Tel Aviv. A work that has earned Avishai Sivan's international fame by winning the Best Film Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival and the Special Jury Award at the Locarno Film Festival.

<Competition participation work>


Israel, Denmark / 2015 / 83 minutes / director: Yaelle Kayam

What did Zvia, a young housewife lives in her house in a Jewish cemetery in eastern Jerusalem, witness one day? The directorial debut of Yaere Khayam, which depicts the process of discovering a world never imagined by a housewife who has lived a humble life in a strict Jewish family.


1. Yurakucho Asahi Hall

November 22 (Tuesday)

15:50 "Mountain" 83 minutes Q & A

18:50 "Beyond the Mountains and Hills" 90 minutes Q & A

November 25 (Fri)

15:50 "Beyond the Mountains and Hills" 90 minutes

18:20 "Tkikun" 120 minutes Q & A

November 27 (Sun) 13:10 "Tikkun" 120 minutes

2. TOHO Cinemas Day Drama 3

November 24 (Thu)

21:15 "Mountain" 83 minutes

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