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Jerusalem Design Week Part 2


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Jerusalem Design Week Part 2

Special news! 

The work "Garden of Eden" from "Jerusalem Design Week" won the

 ”Big Emotions Award" (highest award) in the "DESIGNART Tokyo 2019!

"Garden of Eden" (Spiral Garden / Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo), one of the works of "Jerusalem Design Week x DESIGNART Tokyo 2019" held from October 18th to 27th, received the "Big Emotions Award" which is the highest award of the event.

 "DESIGNART Tokyo" is an event where interiors, art, fashion, food, etc. from all over the world gather across genres, and the entire city of Tokyo becomes a museum. Israel is selected as a partner country of the event this year. As a part of the festival exchange activities, Japanese young artists Shoto Hayakawa and Yuri Himuro, who participated in "DESIGNART Tokyo 2018" joined in the "Jerusalem Design Week" held in Jerusalem in June this year, with FIGLAB (Amana Design Creative Lab). On that occasion, Akio Aoki, CEO of "DESIGNART Tokyo" also visited Israel to deepen exchanges.

The award ceremony was held in a spiral on October 26, the last day of the "DESIGNART Tokyo 2019", and "Big Emotions Award", which are given to the best 3 groups from all over 300 exhibitors and creators.

The winners were "M&T at AXIS", "Okurayama Studio at KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA", and "Garden of Eden / Jerusalem Design Week at SPIRAL". The trophy was designed by Shin-ya Yoshida, who became a hot topic in the Olympic and Paralympic medal case design, and the front and back of the glass are used to express the shining future and beauty suitable for both design and art winners.

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