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Setouchi Circus Factory x circusnext ー "Matieres" Project with Inbal Ben Haim


Event Details

Setouchi Circus Factory(SCF)was founded in 2012 and was incorporated in 2024 in Kagawa with the objective to develop and nurture contemporary circuses in Japan. 

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As a pioneer of contemporary circus in Japan, SCF has been collaborating with territories to nurture original expressions, often by taking regional cultures and industrial specialties in our works. Last year, we collaborated with stone masons of Aji and with woodworkers to produce original circus apparatus with local materials and their technics, which was a previous step for this year’s “Matières” project.

« Matières » is a project which is in the continuity of our previous works with local craftsmen, and will be realized to an international extent. We also wish that this year’s laboratory work will lead to international creation.

This year we will work with Tosa-Washi of Kochi which is a unique Japanese traditional paper and we collaborate with Circusnext, a European circus platform. We will visit and stay in Kashiki Seishi company to make research works there, then we go to SCF’s training space to try experimental circus works with Washi.

Israeli artist Inbal Ben Haim has worked a lot with paper in her circus works and she has received an award with her « Pli » by Circusnext. As we have been interested in Inbal’s works, creative work with washi paper with her seemed coherent and made her a proposal to collaborate with us. We have a perspective of a stage creation from 2024 as the next step of this year’s


July 24th   Talk presentation at Museum of Art, Kochi

July 30th   Talk presentation /visual presentation/physical presentation at Nakatsu Bansyo-en

August 1     Talk presentation in Tokyo

<Inbal Ben Haim>

Inbal was born and raised in the landscape of Israel. She met the circus at the age of 14 in the "Free-Dome Project" and "Shabazi circus". There, she finds a space of physical and poetic expression that touches her deeply. In parallel, she learns fine-arts, cinema, dance and martial arts. In 2013 she moved to France to study contemporary circus, particularly at the National Circus Arts Center of France - CNAC.
In 2018 she created her first show, Racine(s) - Root(s) with "l'Attraction compagnie", and in 2021 she premiered "PLI"- a project which combines circus, dance and fine-arts gathered to explore the matter of paper. With this project she's Circusnext laureate for 2020-2022, creating her own unique language between visual and performing arts.
Inbal is performing and teaching in various projects and occasions in Israel, France, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Canada and more.

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