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Film "RUSO" directed by Eti Tsicko in SSFF & ASIA 2022


Event Details

Israeli films is screened at the <Shibuya Diversity Program> in the SHORTSHORTS Film Festival & AISA 2022.

What is the <Shibuya Diversity Program>?

The basic concept of Shibuya Ward is "a mature international city" and the future image is "a city that changes the difference". Shibuya Ward, in cooperation with SSFF & ASIA, will decide the award from short films that image diversity and inclusion as part of the promotion and enlightenment activities of the ward basic concept. In this program, nominated works including award-winning works will be screened at once. Let's create Shibuya, a city where new power is born, by letting everyone live in their own way, recognize their values, and mix them together. “YOU MAKE SHIBUYA”

<Israeli director's work>

"Ruso" (Ruso)

A foreign worker from Georgia, Luso, has a long cleaning job at Tel Aviv University's Faculty of Arts. During work, he wasn't usually aware of her presence on the phone with his remaining seven-year-old son Leo in Georgia, but today it wasn't.

Director Eti Tsicko Time 18: 47 / Drama / 2021 Work information

* How to watch (free for both online and offline)

Date: June 11th (Sat) 19:30 – 21:40


There is no advance reservation, and numbered tickets will be distributed on the day.

Online: You can watch it by simply registering according to the display on the site.

<Outline of the festival>

■ Organizer: Short Short Executive Committee / Short Short Asia Executive Committee

■ Film Festival Representative: Tetsuya Bessho

■ Period: June 7th (Tuesday) -June 20th (Monday)

The online venue is from April 28th (Thursday) to June 30th (Thursday) * The delivery period varies depending on the work.

■ Screening venue: Euro Live / Omotesando Hills Space O / TORQUE SPICE & HERB, TABLE & COURT / iTSCOM STUDIO & HALL Futako Tamagawa Rise / Akasaka Intercity Conference

* The holding period varies depending on each venue.

■ Fee: Venue screening: Free * Some paid events are available

* Ticket reservation is not required at the TORQUE SPICE & HERB, TABLE & COURT venue.

■ Official site:

Artist information

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