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Celebrating 100 Years! "Let's Write a letter to Einstein!" Award

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Einstein's Nobel Prize (1921) and his visit to Japan (1922), the 100th Anniversary of the Nobel Prize - Einstein Exhibition" is touring Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Tottori from 2021 until 2023. The Embassy of Israel in Japan joined forces with the organizers of the Einstein Exhibition and launched the award in order to encourage children who visit the exhibition to write letters to Einstein.

A total of 58 entries have been received from children, who visited the exhibition in Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka exhibitions. The Israeli Embassy Award and the Einstein Exhibition Award have been given as follows:

Congratulations to the Winners!


(March - June 2021)

Israeli Embassy Award

Elementary School Girl in Ichinomiya-City

"Einstein was a great person, but there were times he made different predictions and many failures.

Because he failed and it was ok, I thought it’s ok to fail.

I thought Einstein was a kind person because he sought for peace very much.

I easily give up, but I want to be like Einstein doing my best without giving up.

I want to question and study more about everyday life and ordinary things like Einstein."

Einstein Exhibition Award

Elementary School Girl in Nagoya-City

"There are many things that I think “Why? Why” just like Einstein. I think, solving “Why?” is great. My grandma has cancer in her blood. It can never be healed. I am very sad. Why is it incurable? When I grow up, I want to research so that no one gets cancers and cancers will be cured."


(July - October 2021)

Israeli Embassy Award

Elementary School Boy in Osaka-City

"What surprised me the most was “Let's send electrons flying with grains of light”. The reason was that the colors of the balls change the height, I was excited at scoring high and tried it many times. I’d like to buy the toy Einstein played in old days, because the iron-like fitting was had to remove. I could feel his effort."

Einstein Exhibition Award

Middle School Boy in Sennan-City

"Seeing the Einstein exhibition, I felt the greatness of Einstein. The great man I respect the most is Einstein. My favorite episodes are when he paid Mileva the Nobel Prize money as a consolation prize for their divorce, and when he had a baby sister, he thought she was a toy and said, "Why doesn't it have wheels? Various other episodes, like the story of the Kitano Maru, have stayed in my mind. What excited me the most about the Einstein exhibition was the Nobel Prize certificate and Einstein's letter. I was so excited that I took a lot of pictures of them. I wanted to have a replica as a souvenir. The random walk was the most fun part of the Einstein exhibition.

Just a quick question, is "Albert" pronounced Albert (English pronunciation) or Albert (German pronunciation)?*

I was looking forward to the Einstein exhibition and I'm glad I got to go. I wish I could write more, but I think this is the last one. I read Einstein's biography and it made me want to become a scientist. I was impressed by Einstein's love for peace and his social activities. I will do my best to become like Einstein. Please support me, Mr. Einstein."

*A matter of pronunciation in English or German as both ways are shown in Japan.


(March - May 2022)

Israeli Embassy Award

Elementary School Girl

"I learned through this exhibition the importance of learning, thinking for myself, and asking why. Science is not only difficult but also fun and interesting. I felt a variety of learning brings a variety of interesting things in life. I want to become an adult who can think of why even if not becoming a scientist. I want to pay attention to why? in things near me, too."

Einstein Exhibition Award

Elementary School Boy in Fukuoka-City

"Dear esteemed Einstein,

I am 10 years old and in 5th grade. If my wish can come true, I would like to be a friend and talk with Einstein when he was 10 years old. I want to ask you about the compass that you were interested in as a child, and tell you about my school activities (“nature classroom”). Will I also find interests in physics in the future if I were able to spend even a short time together with you?

As I visited the Einstein Exhibition, my image of Einstein largely changed. From a funny uncle Einstein who won the Nobel Prize and took a photo sticking his tongue out, to a person I learned is kind kept hoping for peace.

There is one sad news to you who had continued to hope for peace. The world today is not peaceful. Everyday I hear news about people dying in wars. I cannot do anything. But every time I watch such news, I remember you. But please rest assured. I will continue to hope for a world without wars. And I will grow up without forgetting how I feel now and will become a researcher. Please watch over me."




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