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"JAZZ ON THE EDGE '22" (Japan-Israel 70th Anniversary Event in Israel)

Jazz on The Edge Festival

Mitzpe Ramon, 28-31/12, 2022

A groundbreaking Israeli - Japanese collaboration jazz festival in the mostbeautiful place in Israe

For four consecutive days, Mitzpe Ramon will host unique performances on a number of different stages. Six Japanese musicians and eight Israeli musicians will fill Mitzpe Ramon for a weekend of concerts, improvisations, energy, and jams into the night. "Everyone is invited to experience up close the extensive jazz culture that has been developing in Mitzpe Ramon in recent years" said the director of the Internal Compass’s 'Matanel' program for creative music and the artistic director of the festival, Ehud Ettun. In addition to the international performances, a concert by the Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Orchestra will be played together with the international artists of the festival.

The orchestra's repertoire includes both classical jazz pieces and modern arrangements written especially for it.

The festival is a special cultural event suitable for every age and every person that music lives in their heart, and it embodies the diversity of Israeli culture that is developing all over the country.

Festival goers are guaranteed an exciting and routine-breaking musical experience.


Internal Compass Music

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December 28-31, 2022


Mitzpe Ramon (Israel)

・Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Club

・Mitzpe Ramon Culture Center

(Japanese musician)

Haruka Yabuno (piano)

Noriaki Hosoya (electric bass)

Hirokazu Yamaguchi (guitar)

Yukifumi Kakizaki (drums)


『ARTIST INDEX』 に掲載されている各アーティストのプロフィールは、過去のメールマガジンから転載されたものです

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