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New Book / "Apples from the Desert: Israeli Short Stories"

Author: Savyon Liebrecht, Uri Orlev, and more

Translator: Natsuu Motai

Published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha

Book 46 variant / 264 pages / ISBN: 978-4-309-20890-9

Release date: August 29, 2023 (scheduled)

Estimated price: 3,190 yen (2,900 yen)

A collection of photographs found in a labyrinthine alley, an immortal old man, memories of the Holocaust, the conflict with Palestine, and other masterpieces depicting people living in a society exposed to history and anxiety. Original anthology.


Savyon Liebrecht

Born in Munich in 1948, Savyon Liebrecht, published the critically acclaimed collection " Apples from the Desert" in 1986, which was made into a film. His major books include "The Highway Horse," "I'm Speaking Chinese to You," "A Good Place for the Night," and "Pearls of Daylight.

Uri Orlev

Born in Warsaw in 1929. He has published many children's books and works based on his experiences in the Shoah and has received numerous awards, including the International Andersen Award. His books include "The Man from Beyond the Wall," "Run, Boy, Run," and "The Sandgame".


Natsuu Motai

Born in Nagano Prefecture. She is a leading translator of Hebrew. Author of "Hebrew Literature Walk," translator of Etgar Keret's "Suddenly, a Knock on the Door", Uri Orlev 's "The Sandgame," "Run, Boy Run," and "Silence, My Father is Taking a Nap.

<Examples of works included in the anthology>

*"Apples from the Desert" from "Tapuhim Min Hamidbar (Apples from the Desert)," by Savyon Liebrecht, Keter, 1986.

*"The Last Summer Vacation" from “Hofshat Hakaitz HaAharona (The Last Summer Vacation)”, Uri Orlev, Daga, 1976

*"Narrow Corridor" from "Sviva Oyenet (Hostile Surroundings)", by Orly Castel=Bloom, Zmora Bitan Publishers, 1989

*"Business" from "Ma Mesameach Akavishim (Happy Spiders)", Shulamit Lapid, Keter 1990

*"Ornithocide", by Shulamith Hareven, from "50 Israelim Ktzartzarim (50 Israeli Short Shorts)", edited by Hannan Hever & Moshe Ron, Hasifria Hahadasha, Yedioth Aharonoth 1999

and more


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