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New Release / Omer Klein Trio "LIFE & FIRE"

Omer Klein is an Israeli jazz artist (pianist) currently based in Germany, released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his own trio, the latest work "LIFE & FIRE". The album is a multifaceted mosaic that interweaves various musical and cultural elements as a strong message of unity behind diversity. An album that celebrates the life you have sent!

Specification: CD

Article number: 5419.742560

Import release date: 2023/03/03

Label: WM GERMANY EU board

genre: jazz

Side musicians are his longtime ally Amir Bresler (ds) and Haggai Cohen Milo (b).

Klein commented “I was born in Israel, which has been a melting pot of people from all over the world since its founding. My parents are also from Eastern Europe and North Africa. And I fell in love with the music of the great European classical composers.”


『ARTIST INDEX』 に掲載されている各アーティストのプロフィールは、過去のメールマガジンから転載されたものです

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