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New Release / Rejoicer (Yuval Havkin) "This Is Reasonalbe"

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Rejoicer, a leading beatmaker in the Israeli scene and a key member of BUTTERING TRIO, has released a new album!

Yuval Havkin, also known as Rejoicer, releases his long-awaited new album "This Is Reasonable" on 12 April on the Paris-based label Circus Company. He is a leading exponent of downtempo music inspired by the fusion of jazz and hip-hop. He explores the world of gentle, melodic electronic music, close to ambient.

Japan Tour is planned on Jun.2024.

『This Is Reasonable』by Rejoicer

Release date: Apr.12, 2024

Label: Circus Company

Format: Vinyl LP - digital

Single: I Think This Is Reasonable

Release Date: 16.02.2024

< Yuval Havkin / Rejoicer>

Born 1985 in Israel. After growing up in the UK, he returned to his homeland. In the late 2000s, he founded his own Tel Aviv-based label, Raw Tapes, which combines jazz, funk and hip-hop, while also incorporating pop influences. He is also a member of the band's own label, Raw Tapes, based in Los Angeles.

Currently based in Los Angeles and Savyon, near Tel Aviv, he is simultaneously pursuing a career as a composer, musician and label owner. He is a member of numerous bands and group projects (Apifera, PlayDead, collaborations with Jimi Prasad and Avishai Cohen), as well as offering his studio and production skills to other artists.


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