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New release - "Buttering Trio / Foursome"

Buttering Trio, a neo-soul and future soul band, has finally completed the latest work following the 2016 masterpiece "Threesome" which recorded a smash hit and performed in Japan. The 4th album is with futuristic soul sound and exotic vocals shining with the participation of Amir Bresler as a drummer.

“The Buttering Trio is finally back!

Beside of the best combination of the original members of Keren Dun, Rejoicer, and Beno Hendler, a drummer Amir Bresler joined in the team. The most groovy rhythms, dreamy and fascinating melodies and elaborate arrangements created by a 10-year career, it is the masterpiece of the buttering trio.” (Masaaki Hara rings producer)

Buttering Trio: HP

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Artist: Buttering Trio

(Buttering trio)

Title: Foursome


Release: 2022/08/03

Price: 2,400 yen + tax

Label: rings / Raw tapes

Product number: RINC89

Format: CD

Commentary: Masaaki Hara


『ARTIST INDEX』 に掲載されている各アーティストのプロフィールは、過去のメールマガジンから転載されたものです

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