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New release -" J. Lamotta Suzume / So I've heard" 

J. Lamotta Suzume, an Israel-based artist, whose collaboration with "BudaMunk" has been attracting a great deal of attention, has completed her long-awaited new solo album! She is a new generation of soul singer/rapper, a talented beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist with an outstanding sense of style.

This time, the album is released from the independent label "Kame'a" in her hometown Tel Aviv, and it is an ambitious work that shows us a new side of her, created entirely in her native language.

It is a new work by Suzume, who is a creative and independent artist known not only for her enigmatic name, natural appearance, and singing voice, but also for her talent in beat-making and instrumental performance. 

The song "Fruits" and "Twist" are infused with Israel's unique melodies, "Haderech" is a masterpiece of beautiful R&B sound, and "Eyes" has a Japanese accent in the middle of the song, all of which are mellow and deep soundscapes. This is an extension of the big hits "Conscious Tree (2017)", "Suzume (2019)" and "Brand New Choice (2020)" released on the prestigious Jakarta Records label, but also a wonderful piece of work that shows off even more talent.

J. Lamotta Suzume

"So I've heard"


by P-Vine Record

PCD-94120 List Price: ¥2,400+tax

<SOUL> <CD>.

Japan original CD


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