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Kick-off event on the film "A Boy's Life", a special talk by the director and Prof. Takuya Onodera

The final work of the Holocaust Testimony Series "A Boy's Life (Japanese title =Mengele and I)" will be screened on December 3 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (TOP Museum), Osaka 7th Art Theater and Okinawa Sakurazaka Theater). As a kick-off event of this screening, the first work of the series "A German Life" and the second "A Jewish Life " will be screened online, and Takuya Onoder, Associate Professor of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, will take the stage to hold a special talk with the director of the film, Christian Krones.

◉Holding information

Date: September 17, 2023 (Sunday) 

Time: 13:00-19:00 (opens at 12:30 with a break)

Films to be screened: "A German Life", "A Jewish Life"

Venue: Goethe-Institut Tokyo (7-5-56 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Guest speakers:

Takuya Onodera

(Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, co-author of "Verification: Did the Nazis do 'good things'?")

Christian Krones

(directed "Holocaust Testimony Series" trilogy)


① Venue one-day participation ticket = 1,000 yen

② Online viewing ticket for the talk / 1-month archive distribution available = 1,000 yen

Application form:

◉Schedule for the day

12:30 Doors open

13:00 Screening of "A German Life" (113 min)

15:30 Screening of "A Jewish Life" (114 min)

17:45 Special talk "Now, ask again about the Holocaust" Takuya Onodera x Christian Krones (60 minutes)

What is the “Holocaust Testimony Series”?

A documentary series directed by Christian Krones and Florian Weigensamer of Black Box Films, an international production company based in Vienna, Austria. It consists of three parts, with one witness appearing in each, and testifying to their memories of the war from different standpoints. In addition, various archival images are interposed between interviews with the storytellers, making it possible to comprehend the social conditions in Germany and other European countries during the war. As there are no more survivors of World War II worldwide, in order not to repeat the mistakes of war, this universal documentary project, which records the testimonies of those who experienced the war "A German Life " and "A Jewish Life" has been released in Japan.


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