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Photo Exhibition “Inside Out” (Japan-Israel 70th Anniversary Event in Israel)

"Inside Out"

Intimacy and collectivity through Japanese and Israeli lenses

Teo Art Gallery,Herzliya Israel

11.11.22 - 2.1.23

Participating artists:

Michal Liani | Hirohito Nomoto | Eli Singalovski | Pavel Wolberg | Masaki Yamamoto

|Yariv Fine | Kazuyoshi USUI | Michal Tzur | Hisaji & Natsumi | Eitan Vitkon | Erez Golani Solomon | Yuki Iwamura | Yoko Ishiic | Avishag Saar Yaeshuv | Michal Chitayat

Curator: Dalit Merhav


The exhibition features fifty works by Japanese and Israeli photographers surveying

individual creative solutions as well as personal and to some extent national.

Intimacy and collectivity inside out here and now

There are many reasons to hold an artistic event to mark the 70th anniversary of Israeli-Japanese diplomatic relations. In recent years, trade, cultural ties, and cooperation between the two countries have thrived, with innovative branches in particular such as

science and technology making a tremendous leap forward.

Culturally, on the other hand, the two countries have less in common. The societal and cultural structures in Japan and Israel are different, and could even be described in terms of polar opposites such as restraint versus externalized expression; public order versus chaos; alongside inward-looking and homogeneity versus outward looking and


These aspects spark curiosity and interest on both sides. How can such culturally different backgrounds lead to technological breakthroughs on both sides? What is it about these two nations that drive creativity and innovation? Can art capture these differences as well as

the commonalities?

"I find that we also share the longing for the spirit of tradition, small intimate moments, days that are never to return." says Curator Dalit Merhav "No other artistic medium is more suitable than photography—a static snapshot that captures long-standing characteristics—to illustrate the discrete perspectives and zoom in. on the contrasts and commonalities. Due to its wide accessibility, the photographic medium is currently at the center of artistic discourse; it is a universal language and a tool we all use."

Teo – Art & Cultural Center, 168 Wingate Street, Herzliya Pituach

Sun-Thur: 9:00-20:00, Fri: 9:00-13:00, Sat: Closed


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